Watercolor Studio with Lee Weaver

Wednesdays, Nov. 8, 15, 29, Dec. 6, 13, 2017

4:30 – 7:00 p.m.

Ages 18 & Up

Watercolors Studio for all skill levels.

Learn the basics of watercolor painting including washes, wet into wet, lifting, glazing, direct mixing of colors, pre-mixing colors, brush manipulations, paper characteristics masking, dry brush, spattering, etc. The workshop will concentrate on transparent watercolor and introduce painting with gouache (a water-based medium.)  Students will experiment with painting landscapes and with enough time human figures, seascapes, buildings, flowers, and non-objective images.

We will practice atmospheric perspective, understanding color value, saturation, color schemes, composition, value drawing, etc.


See supply list below.

Register by  Nov. 1

Cost $135/$121 Museum Members



- First and foremost quality paints: Tube colors, either professional (recommended) or a good student grade. You can start the class with Burnt Umber, Hookers Green, French Ultramarine, Raw Sienna, Gamboge (my palette also contains Cerulean and Cobalt blue, Paynes Gray, Indian Red, Burnt Sienna, and Raw umber.

– Brushes should be good quality (do not have to be Kolinsky sable.)

Recommend: “Pointed rounds” in numbers 5 and 10.

We’ll “make do” with what you have.

You may have flats/wash/riggers/fan, etc. fine but the two brushes recommended will get the job done.

 Stuff to always have with you

– Drawing Pencil (#2) works fine, water bowl, paper towels, kneaded eraser, palette, photo resources (since we may not have the opportunity to do “plein air.”

Please no panoramic photo resources

 Good Paper is a key. We will understand that the greatest reason a watercolor fails is “fear” of boo-boos. We will learn ways that a “boo-boo” can be corrected (can do with good quality paper). I do not care much for hot pressed paper (tendency to create skidding of brush.) I prefer a paper with texture (tooth.)

 General Information: This class will be for “beginners” and experienced students. The first evening we will look at/discuss pigments, papers, brushes, equipment with “side bars” related to masking materials, spray bottles, gouache, sponges, etc. Samples will be shown and simple demonstrations of mixing on the palette and on the paper.

 The second evening “for those beginning” I will have an exercise beginning with transparent washes and moving to the more opaque applications of watercolor.

 For the experienced students, we will concentrate on “not just making a picture” but also making the viewer feel as if they are there. For some I will push for you to attempt an 18×24 inch format while others, I want you to consider a 22 x 30 inch format


Lee Weaver is a life long resident of Washington County and a retired art educator. He  spent four decades as an art teacher and Supervisor of Fine Arts with the local public schools and as Coordinator and Center Director of Maryland’s G/T Summer centers. He was also a Visiting Professor at Shepherd University.

Mr. Weaver has been recognized locally and regionally with several art awards including a Japanese/American exchange program. He created the drawings used to etch the silverware of the USS Antietam and studies with John Pike. His love of watercolor begain in his senior year of high school when he read a copy of Ted Kautzky’s Ways with Watercolor.  He lives in Sharpsburg  with his wife, Cindy, where they have raised their 2 sons and are   enjoy time with their grandchildren.


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