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Supporting the Museum

For over 80 years, the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts has maintained a policy of free admission. Through the generous support of its Members, Sponsors, Donors, and Legacy Society, the Museum is able to bring celebrated national and international works of art into the lives of many visitors from the community, surrounding region, and beyond.

The Museum has been recognized as one of the finest small museums in the United States with over 7,000 works of art in its collection. It also presents renowned exhibitions, lectures, concerts, art instruction, and other programs to ensure visitors gain a greater appreciation and understanding of the fine arts.

The Art of Giving

  • Membership
  • Annual Fund
  • Gifts of art, property, stock or planned
  • Program Sponsorship
  • Memorial & Tribute Gifts
  • Legacy Society

Ways your gift can support the Museum

  • $20       One Free Admission (50,000 Visitors Annually)
  • $50       Purchase Art Supplies for Youth Education Programs
  • $83       Represents 83 Consecutive Years FREE & Open to the Public
  • $150     Sponsor a 4th Grade Classroom Museum Tour
  • $500     Sponsor One Monthly Sunday Concert

To learn more about donating to the Museum, contact the Museum online, by calling (301) 739-5727, or via email at