Kokedama Presentation and Gallery Talk

Kokedama (Bonsai 2.0) Presentation:

June 18, 2016/1:00 p.m./Free

RSVP educ.marketing@wcmfa.org or (301)739-5727

West Virginia Professor of the Year, Sonya Evanisko presents“Like Moss Between the Cracks”- living sculptural kokedama. Based on her past exhibit at Shepherd Univerisity,  relates the moss  filling the cracks to kintsugi, where a crack in pottery is replaced with gold and the repair becomes part of the object- not disguised. She spent her sabbatical researching plant material and assembling kokedama in her studio. She will bring kokekamas and photos.

Gallery Talk (Along the Eastern Road: Hiroshige’s Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido) with Claudia Giannini

June 18, 2016/2:00 p.m./FREE

Free Event RSVP educ.marketing@wcmfa.org or 301-739-5727

With a background in art history and art and  experience in printmaking, art educator Claudia Giannini will lead museum visitors through the exhibition, explaining subject matter and printmaking techniques. She will explain the historical and cultural background of the Hiroshige prints while also discussing their artistic design and aesthetic beauty. Landmarks, shrines, and natural views will be identified in the 53 Stations of the Tokaido.