Painting Nature Workshop with Christine Neill

Saturday, April 22, 2017   10am-3pm


Neill in Studio3-2017











This workshop focuses on the painting of nature objects. Bringing the natural forms into the indoor studio allows us to closely examine aspects of light & color, composition, form & surface and pictorial space.

Techniques of watercolor painting as well as the unique aspects of painting nature will be emphasized through demonstration, slides and observational painting.

The instructor will propose specific topics for students to work on. Participants can expect to complete a painting during the workshop. Whether students choose to paint realistically or expressively, they will be encouraged to work in a style familiar to them. The workshop is open to participants of all levels who have experience painting with watercolor (intermediate and advanced.)

 NATURAL SELECTIONS, Paintings by Christine Neill, will open in the Bowman Gallery the week before the workshop. During the lunch break Neill will discuss her painting processes.

Only 3 Spots left! Call the museum at 301-739-5727 to register

Cost: $45 non-museum members/$41.50 museum members


Supplies Needed:

The list of materials is meant as a guide to consult. It is not a requirement to have all the colors or items listed. Review your supplies and make certain you have a selection of: Paints, at least one of each hue; a range of brushes; good quality watercolor paper are the necessary accessories.


Red: Cadmium Light and Medium, Alizarin Crimson,

Yellow: Cadmium Pale and Medium, Yellow Ochre, French Ochre, New Gamboge

Blue: Ultramarine, Cobalt, Cerulean, Pthalo, Pthalo Turquoise, Indigo

Green: Hookers, Sap, Chromium Oxide, Pthalo, Prussian Green

Violet: Ultramarine, Cobalt, Mars Violet

Orange: Cadmium

Browns: Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna

Grays: Paynes, Davies, Neutral Tint

White: Titanium (gouache)

Black: Mars, Ivory, Lamp

 Brushes: Sable, Sabeline or “Combo” of natural and nylon fibers

Flats: ½”, 1” and large mop

2 Rounds: range from #8-12

 Papers: Arches or Fabriano suggested, unless you have another favorite brand

                2 sheets 140 lb. Watercolor Paper, 15” x 22” (or 1 sheet 22” 30” to divide)

                Drawing Notebook or sheets of drawing paper for studies


White Plastic Palette such as John Pike Palette

Watercolor Board

White Tape

Stadler Mars Plastic Eraser for Pencil

Assorted Drawing Pencils

Natural Sponges

Water Jars

Paper Towels

 Natural Objects:  While I will bring a range of natural images to paint from,

any natural images or botanicals you have would be welcome.