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Dayna Gregory named Amazing Tablescapes People’s Choice Award

Congratulations to Dayna Gregory for her Amazing Tablescapes People’s Choice Award-winning entry Buzz Worthy.

This is Dayna’s third year in a row winning the top prize. She won in 2021 with her table, Needful Things, and in 2022 with The Hatter’s Tea Party. Her name will be engraved on a plaque attached to the Golden Table trophy that stays here at the museum. She will also receive a $100 gift card.

Bees were the inspiration for her table. The log in the middle of Buzz Worthy was from City Park, thanks to the City of Hagerstown. Dayna said her father helped her chainsaw an opening in the log to make a home for a few hundred of her “friends.” The log was lined in beeswax, dripped in golden glitter, and, of course, “bees.” The bees can be seen crawling around the log opening going in and out of their manmade “hive.” The table is decorated with sunflowers and mushrooms.

Dayna said the 100-piece glassware setting was graciously donated to her by “an anonymous wonderful fellow.” The glassware is a Tiara-exclusive sandwich platter in golden amber that was made in the 1970s and modeled after Depression glass. The glassware was peddled door-to-door by a salesperson and sold at private home parties. With its flower pattern and honey color, it made the perfect addition to the tablescape.

The 100-piece set is available for purchase from Dayna with a portion of the proceeds being donated to the museum.

Visitors, both in-person and online, voted with their dollars to name the People’s Choice Award winner. Amazing Tablescapes raised more than $42,000, which benefits the museum. Tables in the Top Five behind Dayna were: Hana Malone, On Deck;  Denny Warrenfeltz, Church Picnic Celebrating 190 Years;  Naomi Byler, Valentine Serenade; and Kandy Douglas, Vikki Beyer, and Doris Hoopengardner, Which Came First?

And thank you to all the designers for their imaginative entries to this year’s Amazing Tablescapse: Sukey Rankin, Oink, Moo, Cock-a-Doodle-Doo; Cindy Downs, Diana of the Chase; Sarah Hall and Jamie Gruzska, Garçon! More fur;  Barbara Pengelly, Dinner with Poseidon; Bob Morgan, Winter MidnightLaura Chalupka, A Homage to Marie; Sherry Cramer, Miss Havisham’s Wedding Breakfast; Brenda Reynolds, Dave Ryan of Barbara Ingram School for the Arts, and Rachel Thomas of BISFA Foundation, A Bikini Bottom Brunch, inspired by SpongeBob the Musical; Weaver’s Roundtable, Fiber Fantasy; Tammy Staley, Teeny Tiny Tables, and Donna Staley, Teddy Bear Picnic.

Amazing Tablescapes was generously supported by Blackie and Ginny Bowen, Dr. Robert & Marjorie Hobbs, Mr. & Mrs. James N. Holzapfel, David and Louisa McCain, Paul & Lotta Mellott, The Hershey Group of RBC Wealth Management, Visit Hagerstown-Washington County, MD, William Pitzer, Roger Fairbourn, Dr. & Mrs. George Manger, Mr. & Mrs. Lee E. Stine, Jr., and Dr. & Mrs. Hugh Talton. Designer sponsors are Susanne Beckwith, Vikki Beyer & Jack Parkin, Emmet & Mary Anne Burke, Sherry Cramer, Adair Eves, Royce Faddis, Doug Mills & Beth Beckner-Mills, Dean & Ashley Notabartolo, Kent & Kathy Oliver and Charles & Cheryl Strong. 


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