Amazing Tablescapes

Voting is officially over for Amazing Tablescapes 2024! We will announce the People’s Choice Award in early March.

We would like to thank the designers, sponsors, staff, volunteers and guests who have made this year’s event popular.

The 2024 designers are:

  • “Octopus Art Garden” by Hana Malone and Michelle Day
  • “The Flying Boxcar—Giving Wings to Hagerstown’s Yesterday and Tomorrow” by John “Ed” Sneckenberger and Priscilla T. Matheny
  • “For The Pleasure of Your Company Comedy, A 19th-Century Dining Disaster” by Renfrew Museum and Park by Executive Director Becky LaBarre, manager of Visitor Experiences, Steve LaBarre, and Kirsten Lamb, Visitor Experiences representative
  • “The Garden Party Afterparty” by Sukey Rankin 
  • “At the Wise Woman’s Table” by Laura Chalupka
  • “Dragon Slayers… You Missed One” by Cindy Roberts Downs
  • “The Endless Table” by Sarah Wolfe
  • “Our Favorite Things” by the Weavers’ Roundtable
  • “Up, Up and Away” by John D. Miller, Miller Interiors, and Susan Mills
  • “Prost!” by Naomi Byler
  •  “Dinner at Christiana Campbell’s Tavern” by Denny Warrenfeltz
  • “Miss Winter’s Wild Ride” by Donna Staley and Tammy Staley
  • “Ozian Elegance” by Harmony Goetz and JoDee Westfall
  • “Name That Terror (A Tribute to Edgar Allan Poe)” by Patricia A. Stine, Wanda Dittmann, and Ginny Singdahlsen.
  • “A Track in Time” by Roger Fairbourn, Chris Chaney, Skyler Chaney, and Sherry Plank
  • “Le Bayou du Mort-Vivant” by Heather Holman
  • “Reveil Papillion (Butterfly Awakening)” by Breanne M. Lamb

The majority of our funds raised through Amazing Tablescapes are provided by our generous supporters.

Major Sponsors
Dr. Robert and Marjorie Hobbs
Jim and Cindy Holzapfel
William Pitzer (sponsoring Miss Winter’s Wild Ride table by Donna and Tammy Staley)
The Hershey Group of RBC Wealth Management
Roger Fairbourn
Sherry Cramer
Cooling Services Inc.
Dr. George and Connie Manger
Charles and Cheryl Strong (Ozian Elegance table by Harmony Goetz and JoDee Westfall)
Lee and Pat Stine

Table Sponsors
David and Louisa McCain
Dr. Dean and Ashley Notabartolo
Kent and Kathy Oliver
Vikki Beyer and Jack Parkin