David Bottini: Acrylic Glazed Landscape


Virtual, 11/12    11am-12pm
In Person, 11/19   11am-1:00pm
Virtual 12/3    11am-12pm
$125 +supplies

Call 301-739-5727 to register

Students will develop an acrylic painting on canvas using a layered, glazing method. Students will work from direct observation, quick sketches and photos, begin with a basic under-painting, and then build the depth illusion and light effects using layers of glazing (semi-transparent and almost opaque layers of paint).



Materials List:  David Bottini, painting workshop

“High-load” or “heavy-body” acrylic paints (Golden Brand is preferred, or Liquitex Heavy Body, or Windsor Newton)  *Essential

*Primary Red (often called Magenta, Cadmium Red Light will work)

*Primary Yellow (often called Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Light)

*Primary Blue (often called Cyan Blue, Cobalt Blue is acceptable)

*Burnt Umber

*Titanium White

Yellow Ochre

Alizarin Crimson

Jenkins Green (or Hookers Green)

(If wanting additional colors:  Light Violet, Light Ultramarine Blue,

Indian Yellow, Teal, Green Gold, Quinacridone Burnt Orange)

*Black India Ink (permanent ink)


*Acrylic gel medium (Golden or Liquitex)

*Acrylic glazing liquid (Golden)

Brushes and palette knife

      *Assorted brushes, softer or bristle, flats and rounds most versatile

*Palette or Palette Paper/Pad

Panels or stretched canvas

  1in the 11”x14” to 12”x16” range

Sketching Materials

     1or 2 drawing pencils (4B, 6B) and white paper (for use at-home)

Cleaning materials/towel roll



NOTE:  Howard’s Art Supply, 1256 Dual Highway, Hagerstown, 301-733-2722,

carries Golden Heavy-body acrylic paints and Golden acrylic gel medium and Golden glazing liquid. They also carry all the additional supply options.