Since its inception in 1929, the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts has maintained a policy of free admission. The museum was initially formed in a beautiful building in Hagerstown’s City Park and a world-class art collection given by Anna (Brugh) and William Henry Singer, Jr. As a nationally accredited fine arts museum, Washington County Museum of Fine Arts provides national and international art collections, exhibitions, concerts, lectures, and art classes through the support of Museum members, business leaders, volunteers, and the community. The Singers’ Legacy continues through friends and supporters who contribute to the Museum.

Legacy Society

The Legacy Society is comprised of individuals, companies, foundations, and supporters who continue the Singers’ legacy through their estate planning. Through the Museum’s Endowment, it is able to continue quality exhibitions, concerts, lectures, art acquisition, conservation, and interpretations.

  • Up to $9,999
  • Legacy Society Member
  • $10,000 to $49,999
  • Legacy Society Patron
  • $50,000 to $99,999
  • Director’s Circle
  • $100,000 to $499,999
  • President’s Circle
  • $500,000 to $999,999
  • Chairman’s Circle
  • Over $1,000,000
  • Singer Circle

Your Goals

  • Make a gift to the Museum’s future that costs you nothing now.
  • Avoid capital gains liability and take an income tax deduction.
  • Leave more of your estate to heirs.
  • Continue to receive benefits from the assets you give to the Museum – and thus make a larger gift.
  • Reduce high tax liability now; gain additional income later.
  • Create a long-term gift that will not draw funds from your estate.
  • Reduce gift and estate taxes, leaving more to your heirs.

Your Benefits

  • A great way to help the Museum build financial strength and provide resources that maintain our traditions.
  • Buy low & give high while avoiding capital gains tax.
  • Eliminate income tax on retirement plan assets and free up other property to pass to your heirs.
  • Receive income for your lifetime, receive charitable deduction and diversify your holdings.
  • Receive a larger deduction and a higher income rate than your other life-income gifts offer.
  • Increase your ability to make a significant gift to the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts.
  • Reduce gift and estate taxes and freeze the taxable value of growing assets before they pass to your family.

Your Strategies

  • Include a gift from your will or trust (cash, specific property or a share of the estate).
  • Use appreciated securities instead of cash to make your gift.
  • Name WCMFA as beneficiary of your retirement plan and leave less-taxed assets to your family.
  • Create a new life insurance policy or donate a paid-up policy of coverage you no longer need.
  • Make a contribution to a pooled income fund.
  • Create a life-income plan or a charitable remainder trust.
  • Create a charitable lead trust to pay income to WCMFA for a fixed time, then pay the remainder to your heirs.

To learn more about the Legacy Society, contact the Museum online, by calling (301) 739-5727, or via email at info@wcmfa.org.