A Birthday Party Celebrating 40 Years

A Birthday Party Celebrating 40 Years was designed by the Weavers’ Roundtable. This table is sponsored by Washington County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc.

The Weavers’ Roundtable 40th year celebration table displays a variety of items used during the weaving process and a sampling of the gorgeous creations woven by our members.  Weaving allows a vast array of possibilities.  A mask, scarf and napkins have been mad of masterfully woven material to create beautiful 40th year works of art.  Woven scarves in various colors, fibers, and patterns wrap our lady and a wool felted insect has landed for a rest.  A variety of woven masks are displayed at the bottom.  From thin woven tapes to hand towels and scarves, a rainbow of colors and designs are present.

A sampling of tools used by a weaver are represented here.  From combs to drop spindles and a miniature spinning wheel to twist the fiber into yarns to a heddle and tools used on a loom to weave the material.  A sewing machine is then needed to then finish some of the creations, such as the masks.  A delicious meal served on the green ballerina depression service would allow a weaver’s mind to wander, imagining boundless ideas to create!

The Weavers’ Roundtable has a handful of members that have attended these 40 years, along with many newer members added over the years.  We are a well-rounded group, each with a varied fiber arts interest that we share each month.  We normally meet at the Museum, but lately have our meetings via Zoom.  We miss the feel of the woven pieces that we share on Zoom but enjoy the camaraderie of our shared interests.  Should you be interested in finding out more, please email 8weaverbarb@gmail.com or contact the museum.











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