The Green King Invites You to Dinner

The Green King Invites You to Dinner was designed by Julian Lee. This table is sponsored by Paul & Lotta Mellott.

The Green King’s invitation is for rebirth. The yew tree roots are symbolic of continual renewal. They house the knives which are tools loaded with symbolic meaning; signifying severance, death, sacrifice, division, or in this case—liberation.

The roots of the eternal yew tree are holding blades both ancient and modern. Victorian English and vintage American carbon steel sit with contemporary Japanese steel. Handles made using black bog oak from the English Suffolk fens around 4000 years old rest alongside carbon fibre, sliver spackled micarta handles.

The artist lives in Hampshire in the United Kingdom.

The little Green King—black and brown oak with a crown and Roman coin necklace demands renewal in 2021. And he will have his way!

All the knives, tables, and sculptures were made by the designer. Note how each piece wants to be useful and beautiful.
Some blades with forge scale left, are etched to resemble the tree line of a Pyrenean Mountain.

The Head on a spike is pure iron ore from Mount Canigou in the Pyrenees; the wood block supporting the head comes from an old Italian dolomite mountain cow byre etched by the elements for a few centuries.


The yew roots come from an ancient forest near Winchester, planted for longbows around the 13th century by John O’Gaunt. The tip Toe tables are English walnut and Mexican rosewood. The sipping bowl is oak from a fireplace beam taken from our first home.