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Find the supplies list for The Language of Flowers here.

An Art in Bloom testimonial by Ann Reiman:

It was December. I was attending a concert in the Bowman Gallery.
I was distracted by a photograph on the wall. I was thinking, “ I feel
sorry for the person who has to do an Art in Bloom arrangement for that.”
It was so stark. My eye kept going back to that photograph. Then, it came to me!
If I could find something with a leather texture, placing the flowers would be easy.
A trip to the craft store. They had a perfect leather textured fabric.
I volunteered to do an Art in Bloom arrangement!


The next one I drew!

Pop Bottle

Where in the world was I going find a bottle like that? And where would the
flowers go?
Back to the craft store. A large glass cylindrical container, a glass bottle,
leather string and a glass cutter. A bit of an engineering problem! Getting
the flowers in there was not easy!