A Track in Time

Table No.15 by Roger Fairbourn, Chris Chaney, Skyler Chaney, and Sherry Plank

In the 125 years of its operation as an independent railroad the Western Maryland built a reputation as a truly “Fast Freight Line.” From the laborers on the docks at Port Covington to the top brass, Western Maryland people were noted for their skill in the transportation field and the pride that showed in every aspect of their work. Today, the WM is a fond memory, its remnants serving as important links in the CSX Transportation chain plus various shortline railroads.” Reprinted courtesy of Western Maryland Historical Society 

Today the railroad lives on in history and remains as part of the Western Maryland Scenic Railway, but most of its tracks became the Great Alleghany Passage Trail System extending from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Cumberland, Maryland. There, the Passage joins the C&O Canal to complete the 330-mile trail into Georgetown, Washington D.C. 

Trains are a bit of a family fancy but for differing reasons. Roger has loved trains since his youth. Living in New Jersey, he would meet his dad at the Erie Lackawanna station each evening on his dad’s commute home from his office in Manhattan. Then his interests were in HO gauge model trains. A visit to his Uncle Gordon’s train cemented Roger’s love of trains and model building. Today he enjoys the “O” gauge trains, particularly mint condition Western Maryland Rail pieces. 

Christopher’s MacGyver-ish mechanical abilities are evidenced in the engineering side of things. Chris and Skyler share their creative interests in all things printed 3-D and created on a CO-2 Laser. Finally, Sherry Plank helped with intricate detailing and finishes. 

Suggested dress for the reception: Come as a railroad conductor to support this table.

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A Track in Time