Art Social Hour

Art Social Hour 

Add an art break to your day! Grab your lunch and your laptop and join us for an online conversation about art, artists, and ideas. Once a month, we’ll pick a work from our collection to share with museum members in a virtual salon—where we will look and talk, together uncovering a deeper appreciation and understanding of the work. This guided conversation will begin with time spent looking and forming personal observations, which we will then share, learning from each other.

This free, interactive, discussion-based program is for museum members only and is designed to help you learn more about the museum’s collection and each other. No art history background is required.

Join us online to talk about whatever it is that interests you about this painting—subject, color, composition, style. Our conversation will last 30-40 minutes and include a short concluding presentation about the artist and the work.

Not a member of the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts? Call or email Donna Rastelli at Or go to to find out more. Become a member today!

Next installment: 

Thursday, March 9, noon



Everyone is invited to this month’s Art Social Hour today at noon. Director Sarah J. Hall leads a virtual discussion on Godfried Schalcken’s “Self Portrait with Candle,” 1694. This free event is usually offered to members only, but anyone can attend this month’s event. Join the discussion at noon at