Traffic advisory for the morning of March 16: St. Patrick’s Day Run Fest near Museum

A traffic advisory for Saturday, March 16, in and around downtown Hagerstown has been issued by the City of Hagerstown, which might affect Washington County Museum visitors.

Weather permitting, the  St. Patrick’s Day Run Fest event will be held on the streets of Hagerstown.  The event consists of 5K and 8K races that begin and end near the Maryland Theatre on South Potomac Street.  The 5K racecourse is comprised of a single loop on South Potomac Street, West Memorial Blvd., Surrey Avenue, Virginia Avenue, City Park Drive, Highland Way, Key Street, South Walnut Street, West Antietam Street, Summit Avenue, and West Washington Street.  The 8K course is the same as the 5K course, except that it includes a 3-kilometer loop through Rose Hill Cemetery.  A m

7:30 a.m.  South Potomac Street will be closed to all traffic between Washington Street and Baltimore Street.  The right through lane of West Washington Street will be closed to traffic at Summit Avenue; the left through lane will remain open to traffic.

8:30 a/m.: Antietam Street will be closed to all traffic between S. Burhans Blvd. and Walnut Street, and Walnut Street will be closed to all traffic between Washington Street and Park Circle.  Cones will be placed on Memorial Blvd. between Surrey Avenue and S. Potomac Street to create a lane for the runners, and vehicular traffic will be restricted to one-way.  The 8K race begins at 9:00 AM.  Traffic will be stopped on the other race route streets to clear the course.

10:25 a.m,:   Traffic on West Washington Street will be temporarily stopped at Summit Avenue to allow 5K racers to assemble at the starting line near the Public Square.

10:30 AM:      The 5K race begins.  Once all runners have passed the starting line, traffic will be allowed to flow in the left-hand lane of West Washington Street.

Police officers, Auxiliary Police, and race marshals will be stationed at all of the street intersections around the route to direct traffic during the race.  Motorists approaching the race route should know that traffic may be temporarily halted at the various intersections to allow runners to pass by.  It is anticipated that all runners will complete the races by 11:30 a.m. All of the affected streets will be reopened to full traffic except for the first block of South Potomac Street, which will remain closed until approximately 2:30 p.m. for the St. Patrick’s Day street festival event.  Emergency vehicles can pass through the street closures during the race; however, dispatchers should be aware that traffic may be congested on streets near the race route.