Penn’s Woods Printmakers Display

Members of Penn’s Woods Printmakers, based in Chambersburg, Pa., currently have items on display in the glass hallway case through Dec. 28. The display is inspired by the museum’s special exhibition “From the Pages of PAN: Art Nouveau Prints, 1895-1900.”

Prints can be purchased directly through Penn’s Woods Printmakers. For a list of artists, titles, and contact information, click here: Print Hallway Display_2022


Penn’s Woods Printmakers is a group of artists working in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. The group’s works are all hand-pulled prints; it is their goal to create original works of art that are created by the artist with an original plate run through a small press, or hand-printed, one at a time, on high-quality art paper, striving for high standards of creativity and technical excellence.

The group creates original prints with many techniques: both soft and hard-ground etchings and aquatints, as well as relief prints (woodcuts and linocuts), monotypes and collagraphs. Subject matter includes landscape, still life, figure and abstraction. The group worked for many years in the studios of the Wilson College Art Department, with the assistance of art professor Bob Dickson, and is working now in both individual studios and with group activities.

Penn’s Woods Printmakers originated in 1997, under the late Shippensburg University Professor William Davis. Davis offered members of the Franklin County Art Alliance the opportunity to work in the University’s printmaking and sculpture studios – two areas where most artists have no facilities in which to work. With retirement approaching, Professor Davis handed off the group – then focused entirely on printmaking – to Sue Frotscher, who has continued to serve as an inspiration and mentor.

PWP members include:
Lynda Beckwith, Mercersburg, Pennsylvania
Dawn Burgoon, Greencastle, Pennsylvania
Anne Finucane, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
Sarah Frotscher, Newburg, Pennsylvania
Ethel Heckman, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
Dee Henry, McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania
Mary Kallio, Mercersburg, Pennsylvania
Brandii Kligge, Newburg, Pennsylvania
Chris Mcdonel, Walnut Bottom, Pennsylvania
Garnet Yeager, Fayetteville, Pennsylvania
Marti Yeager, Fayetteville, Pennsylvania

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