Reveil Papillion (Butterfly Awakening)

Table No. 17 by Breanne M. Lamb

Like a caterpillar in a barren landscape that is dull and almost lifeless, used-up and unfamiliar to itself, a person can feel stuck, trapped in a cocoon of unpleasant circumstances seemingly beyond their control. Inside, however, a change can occur, which takes one from a place of darkness to a new level of awakening and renewal. This change has no choice but to emerge, showing the world a brighter, truer version of the being (butterfly or human) as it was meant to be. 

Notice how the tablescape reflects this transformation from its bleak and dreary outer edges to the return of life and color at its heart. This theme is inspired by The Papillon Project, which seeks to transform lives through design by uplifting others’ sense of worth, dignity, and overall well-being. It offers the gift of a home design makeover to those who are so much better than their circumstances, providing a small but vital spark needed to change their life’s outlook. For more information, please contact the designer at

Suggested dress: Dress as a butterfly or with butterflies on your outfit to support this table.

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Reveil Papillion (Butterfly Awakening)