The Flying Boxcar—Giving Wings to Hagerstown’s Yesterday and Tomorrow

Table No. 2 by John “Ed” Sneckenberger and Priscilla T. Matheny

The “Flying Boxcar” tablescape hopes to portray how this Flying Boxcar, a Hagerstown icon, has already defined and will soon contribute to the types and styles of family lives for both past factory workers and soon stadium crowds. 

Yesterday, the many men and women who worked to manufacture the world-renowned Flying Boxcar planes would often eat their meals from lunch boxes, possibly eating amid their work tools.

Tomorrow, large crowds will cheer in a modern stadium, a highly anticipated Flying Boxcar baseball team. They will enjoy a variety of carryout meals from boxes and cans as they loudly cheer their team to victory.

The center of the table displays the allure of yesterday’s airplane factory and the bright lights of tomorrow’s baseball field.  It is hoped that you will appreciate a glimpse of Hagerstown’s past and future main streams.  The place settings at each end of the table highlight the final Flying Boxcar cargo plane produced and the initial Flying Boxcar baseball game played.

Suggested dress for special opening : Dress as a baseball player or pilot to support this table.

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The Flying Boxcar