Washington County Museum of Fine Arts Collection Highlights Audio Tour

Enjoy this audio tour of collection highlights with your smartphone during a museum visit, or listen and enjoy a virtual tour from home. Audio stops of selected pieces in the collection were recorded by a combined team of curatorial and education staff members, including: Daniel Fulco, Agnita M. Stine Schreiber curator; Sarah Hall, executive director; Faith Herrington, 2021 Jean Cushwa curatorial intern; and Kellie Mele, Director of Education.


Stop 1: William H. Singer, The Road to Valley, 1930


William H. Singer (American, 1868–1943), The Road to the Valley, 1930, oil on canvas, 31.75″h x 33.5w, Gift of Thomas C. and Esther Newcomer, A4458,10.0001

Stop 2: Benjamin West, The Ascension of Christ, 1798

West, Benjamin - The Ascension of Christ

Benjamin West (American, 1738–1820), The Ascension of Christ, 1798, oil on canvas, 21.75″h x 17.25″w, Museum purchase, A0678,52.0004

Stop 3: Rembrandt Peale, Henry Robinson, ca. 1816 

Rembrandt Peale (American, 1778–1860), Henry Robinson, ca. 1816, 27.125″h x 22″w, Museum purchase, A1345,64.0014

Stop 4: Francis Blackwell Mayer, Chief Kaghe Madokah (The Male Raven), 1895


Francis Blackwell Mayer (American, 1827–1899), Chief Kaghe Madokah (The Male Raven), 1895, 20.25″h x 14.25″w, Museum purchase, with funds provided by the Museum’s Membership Program, A1480,67.0004

Stop 5: Unknown (Chinese), Tomb Figure, ca. early-mid 8th century C.E


Unknown (Chinese), Tomb Figure, ca. early-mid 8th-century C.E. Glazed terracotta with colored pigments, 22 3/4″h x 8 1/4″w x 6 1/8″d Gift of Alan Laster, A0860,56.0800A

Stop 6: Auguste Rodin, The Prodigal Son, 1899

Rodin The Prodigal Son crpd

Auguste Rodin (French, 1840–1917), The Prodigal Son, 1899, Bronze, 55″h x 26″w x 29″d,
Gift of Anna & William Singer, A0003,31.0402

Stop 7: Childe Hassam, White House Gloucester, 1895 

Hassam, Childe - White House, Gloucester

Childe Hassam (American, 1859–1935), White House Gloucester, 1895, oil on canvas, 26″h x 21″w,
Gift of Anna & William Singer, A0002,31.0008

Stop 8: Gustave Courbet, Landscape, ca. 1873–75 

Courbet - Landscape

Gustave Courbet (French, 1819–1877), Landscape, ca. 1873–75, oil on canvas, 18″h x 21.375,”
Gift of Anna & William Singer, A0003,31.0030

Stop 9: Joshua Johnson, Yoe Family Portraits, 1809 (not currently on display)

Johnson, Joshua - Susanna Amoes Yoe and daughter Mary Elizabeth Yoe

Johnson, Joshua - Yoe and son cropped

After Joshua Johnson (American, ca. 1763–1825), Susanna Amos Yoe and Daughter Mary Elizabeth;
Benjamin Franklin Yoe and Son Benjamin Franklin Yoe, Jr., 1809, oil on canvas, 35.5″h x 29″w; 35.75″h x 29″w,
Gift of F. Sydney Cushwa, A2972,94.0012; A2973,94.0013

Stop 10: Paul Wayland Bartlett, Equestrian Lafayette, ca. 1908 

bartlett, Paul Wayland - Lafayette crpd

Paul Wayland Bartlett (American, 1865–1925), Equestrian Lafayette, ca. 1908, Bronze, 57.875″h x 38.5″l x 22″w,
Gift of Anna & William Singer, A0002,31.0401

Stop 11: Thomas Birch, The Shipwreck, 1837 

Birch, Thomas - Shipwreck

Thomas Birch (American, 1779–1851), The Shipwreck, 1837, oil on canvas, 39.875″h x 60.25″w,
Museum purchase, A1318,64.0005

Stop 12: Asher B. Durand, Religious Monument, 1839 

Monument Asher B. Durand (American, 1796–1886), Religious Monument, 1839, oil on canvas, 25.875″h x 15.625″w, Museum purchase, A1330,64.0009

Stop 13: Battista Zelotti, The Finding of Moses, ca. 1595 

Zelotti - The Finding of Moses

Attributed to Battista Zelotti (Italian, ca. 1526–1578), The Finding of Moses, ca. 1595, oil on canvas, 40″h x 48″w,
Gift of Anna Brugh Singer, A1066,60.0001

Stop 14: School of Matthieu Le Nain, Marquis de Cinq-Mars, second half of 17th c.

Le Nain, Mathieu - Henri Ruze Coiffier, Marquis de Cinq-Mars

School of Matthieu Le Nain (French, 1607–1677), Marquis de Cinq-Mars, second half of 17th c., oil on canvas,
Gift of Chester D. Tripp, A0671,53.0001

Stop 15: Edward Steichen, Yellow Moon, 1909 

Edward Steichen (American, 1879–1973), Yellow Moon, 1909, oil on canvas, 76.5″H x 42″W,
Gift of Mrs. Conger Goodyear, A0736,53.0003

Stop 16: Robert Henri, Michael, 1913 

Henri, Robert - crpd

Robert Henri (American, 1865–1929), Michael, 1913, oil on canvas, 18″h x 14.125″w, Museum purchase through exchange, A1562,69.0006

Stop 17: Norman Rockwell, The Oculist, 1956 

Rockwell, Norman - The Oculist

Norman Rockwell (American, 1894–1987), The Oculist, 1956, oil on canvas, 30″h x 28″w, Museum purchase, A0934,57.0003

Stop 18: Louise Nevelson, Untitled, 1958 

Louise Nevelson (American, b. Ukraine, 1899–1988), Untitled, 1958, painted wood, 20″h x 12″w x 6.875″d, Museum purchase, A2460,85.0408

Stop 19: Anna Hyatt Huntington, Diana of the Chase, 1922 

Huntington, Anna Hyatt - Diana of the Chase

Anna Hyatt Huntington (American, 1876–1973), Diana of the Chase, 1922, Bronze, 100″h x 32″w x 25″d, Gift of the artist, A0345,41.0400

Stop 20: Johann Loetz Witwe Glassworks, Vase, ca. 1900 

Loetz - Vase c 1900-1910

Johann Loetz Witwe Glassworks (Czech Republic, 1836–1947) Phänomen Vase, ca. 1890‒1900,
Blown glass with brass frame, 21.625″h x 11.25″w x 7.5 “diam. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Merson, A3439,99.0901